Time Event
2021.12 I joined SICS as a senior research scientist.
2021.06 A co-authored paper got accepted to IEEE TPDS journal.
2018.11 Successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis. (Yay!!!)
2018.07-10 A 3-month internship at Google, working on cluster networking.
2018.05 Won Best-in-Session Presentation Award from IEEE Infocom 2018.
2018.04 The Siphon paper got accepted to USENIX ATC 2018.

 About Me

I am currently a senior research scientist at Shenzhen Institute of Computing Sciences (SICS), based in Shenzhen, China. My research interests cover a broad area related to decentralized and/or distributed systems and their performance, including

  • Systems for graph analytics;
  • System security and privacy;
  • Distributed systems and cloud computing;
  • Software-defined networking and datacenter networking.

 Selected Publications(Full List)


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